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Close Combat Modern Tactics

Close Combat: Modern Tactics brings you classic top down real time tactical warfare with the excitement of multiplayer head to head gaming. You take command of either US or opposition forces and engage in head to head battle (with up to 5 players per side) using modern era weaponry and equipment on gorgeous hand drawn maps measuring 1km square up to giant 4km x 1km maps. Air and artillery support are on-call but the objective can only be secured by Close Combat. You are in command!

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Mods, maps and tools for CCMT

Modern Tactics Mods Patches and Support Files Scenarios Additional maps and mappacks for CCMT
CCMT Expansion Patch

This patch is a must have update for CCMT 45mb

This hefty new update includes plenty of new units both on the ground and in the air in addition a number of other tweaks and AI improvements. Most significantly, infantry and vehicles for both the US Marine Corps and the UK Army have been added to the force pool! Also, plenty of new air assets both for the US and Opfor have been added, including: Mi-24, Ka-50 Hokum, British Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon and Eurocopter Tiger. There are lots of shiny new pieces of equipment to command and destroy!

ModSwap/SyScon UPDATE

Download and unzip this file to your Close Combat - Modern Tactics folder.

This updates and adds more functionality to the ModSwap tool.

Unzip scenarios to your CCMT\Games\Battles folder

Scenarios requiring the expansion Patch
A Distant Shore

The Cauldron


13 Scenarios by Triarius


CCMT CC2Redux mod version 2.0
by zon

Play CC2 on the CCMT engine in this great conversion by zon.

Play the battles from the user created battles tab.

Download the CCMT CC2 Redux mod here
and unzip to your plugins folder
then use the updated ModSwap to install.(available above)

CC2 reduxV2 Readme

Small soldiers mods for Close Combat Modern Tactics

There are three new sizes available for your infantry and crews.

Therions 5pix
cso_linebackers 7.66pix
yukongolds 9.5px

Special Instructions

Navigate to your
C:\Matrix Games\Close Combat - Modern Tactics\GRAPHICS\ FOLDER
and make a backup of your Soldier File

Then unzip one of the smallsoldier "Soldier" files to that same location.

Play with the small soldiers.

Please note this is only a graphical enhancement and won't affect gameplay in any way at all.

Close Combat Modern Tactics Revisited by Perturabo

This mod makes changes to CCMT data files, it makes HE/HT weaopons more consistent and less insanely-mass-destructive to infantry and vehicles (so, no more tank-destroying 60mm HE mortar shells that can penetrate 8cm of steel.), makes small arms more consistent and realistic and acting more like in CC5 (no more AKM Assault Rifles with range of 2500m, no more L1A1 HMGs, that penetrate 15cm of steel on 3000m, no more 5.56mm SAW that penetrates 2.5cm of steel on 500m!) and adds some new units.

more information

Download CCMTr modswap plugin

Unzip to your plugins folder then use modswap to install.

CCMT Data workbook
Use this Data workbook to mod CCMT and to easily make changes to your data

Walk through Walls in CCMT
by thecaptain

This data mod allows you to walk and shoot through buildings walls.
The data is changed to make it similar to CC3 in this regard and is said to give your teams better pathfinding in buildings

Download CCMT Walk through walls

Special Instructions

1) BACK UP the elements.txt file in your "Close Combat - Modern Tactics\DATA\BASE" folder

2) Copy "elements.txt" from this archive into "Close Combat - Modern Tactics\DATA\BASE"

Marines Graphics mod
by DAK_Legion

DaK_Legion has made a few GUI changes to CCMT so you get a "Marines" user interface with this plugin.

Download the CCMTMarines Graphics mod here

A WWII mod of CCMT by senior Drill
BHQ update

Download and install an updated version of BHQ
A place to meet chat and arrange games

To configure BHQ
Go to configure Use filter to select your Close Combat game(s) Use text colour and change to any colour other than Black

Gung Ho! for CCMT
by DAK_Legion

During the summer of 1942 Admiral Nimitz decided to employ Carlson's battalion for its designated purpose.
Planners selected Makin Atoll in the Gilbert Islands as the target.
The objectives of the operation were diverse: to destroy installations, take prisoners, gain intelligence on the area, and divert Japanese attention and reinforcements from Guadalcanal and Tulagi.
The raider commander himself led a patrol to survey the scene and carry out the demolition of military stores and installations. He counted 83 dead Japanese and 14 of his own killed in action. Based on native reports, Carlson thought his force had accounted for more than 160 Japanese.

CCMT Data mods

Two data only mods by VDV and Spinel.

From VDV:For those wishing to play with more accurate (And powerful) To&E Russian VDV units.. Here is the RedTeams file.. I have not yet got around to redoing specific soldiers, Weapons, Icons, graphics Etc. so in some cases I just used what was a sort of equivalent (I.E. B-11 for spg-9, M-4 as a place holder for AKSU variants in a couple units)

I have added three Armored units and altered Some of them, such as the BRDM to carry a 3 person team and altered BMP-2 armor just a bit to reflect current up armored versions. I'll post this revision in a following post. New units are a AGS armed truck, BTR with AGS and the addition of the BTR-90 30mm equipped APC..

From Spinel: I am also a bit dissatisfied with the lack of AP amunitions by tank guns and that the OPFOR tanks have a tendency to be blown up really easily. Hence using VDV's attachments as a base, I have made some adjustments:

> added a T-90 tank;

> added a (Chinese) Type 98 tank (out of curiosity of how the game would render an Abrams turret on a Soviet tank hull);

> added AP ammunitions for (all?) the tank guns; and

> increased the firing rate of the Eastern guns (even though the autoloader of the 125 mm gun is not as fast as a M1A2 crew, 2 shots a minute is truly unfair and gives the OPFOR tanks too little survivability).

(For simplicity, I used ratios from TOAW III as a way to derive new armor and damage values from existing values.)

I would love to hear of your suggestions (and amendments)!

Download HERE

Unzip the files to your \plugins folder and then use ModSwap to install.

Play and enjoy.

CCMT Vietcong mod version 1.0
by DAK_Legion

Another classic edition to the pocket mods series.
Fight the vietnam war with this mini mod by DAK_Legion. Included is four Vietnam style maps.

Play the battles from the user created battles tab.

Download the CCMTVietcong mod here
and unzip to your plugins folder

Operation Urgent Fury - Grenada
A new addition to the pocket mod series by DAK_Legion

President Reagan orders U.S. Marines, Army Rangers, Navy Special Warfare teams, and other military forces to invade Grenada, citing a takeover of the tiny Caribbean Island by "a brutal group of leftist thugs." U.S. troops, along with a small force from six Caribbean nations, overcome surprisingly strong resistance from Cubans, who support the island's new regime. A day after the invasion, the troops begin evacuating 1,100 U.S. citizens on the island.

There are 5 Battles available from your "user created engagements" tab.