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Game Updates
For Last Stand Arnhem

Essential Updates

Everyone should have these updates installed.
No updates currently available

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No Updates currently available.

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Mods Maps and Tools
For Last Stand Arnhem

LSA Mods scenarios etc.

Real Walls mod for Last Stand Arnhem v1.2

by davidssfx

This mod changes the characteristics of building walls in LSA.

Install using ModSwap

Download ModSwap version

View the readme file

Small soldiers mods for Last Stand Arnhem

There are three new sizes available for your infantry and crews.

Therions 5pix
cso_linebackers 7.66pix
yukongolds 9.5px

Special Instructions

Navigate to your
C:\Matrix Games\Close Combat Last Stand Arnhem\Graphics\ FOLDER
and make a backup of your Soldier File

Then unzip one of the smallsoldier "Soldier" files to that same location.

Play with the small soldiers.

Please note this is only a graphical enhancement and won't affect gameplay in any way at all.

View Last Stand Arnhem Video's

***Defending SON***

This video shows the human player defending SON Bridge against the German AI.
The Defenders where all given the DEFEND order after deployment and then left to fend for themselves against the Allied AI.

See how they fare

Run time about 20 minutes

***Garden Begins***

This video shows the human Allied player Attacking at the start of the campaign, defending is the German AI
With a lot of VL's to take and all well strung out swift movement was called for.

Watch XXX corps advance.

Run time about 4 minutes

***Assaulting Best***

This video shows the human Allied player attempting to secure Best Bridge, defending is the German AI
With the only goal to take control of the bridge there is no time to waste.

See if the 502nd can complete the assignment

Run time about 7 1/2 minutes

Metal Mod v1.0

by zon

This mod installs new German and British vehicle graphics by zon.
Download and Enjoy

Download Metal mod


Download Metalmod ModSwap version
for H2H on GameRanger

Non-Static Teams mod

by mick

Play LSA with "Location locked" removed
for H2H play

This mod has StaticBGs with the "Location locked" for flak units removed so H2H players can reposition these prior to the first battle on a map

Download and install. A Quick launch icon will be installed to your desktop.

Download nonStatic Teams mod

Locked Battle Groups mod

Play LSA with Locked Battle Groups
like classic CC4

This mod Locks the Battle Groups so you have to play the game with the teams the game provides for you, you do not get to select your team... quite a challenge!

Download and install. A Quick launch icon will be installed to your desktop.

Download Locked BG's mod

Support Files

New MODSWAP mod installer
shared by The Black Hand

Works with CoI, WaR,tLD,LSA
This utility will install and uninstall mods in a similar way to the classic config. manager.

A must have for H2H mod gaming on GameRanger.


Short Modswap Tutorial

ModSwap Tutorial

CC:LSA Automated mod Installer
shared by Bernd Nowak

For use by Modders.

This utility will help you create an automated installer for your LSA mods, even creates a desktop shortcut.

A must have for any mod maker.

for Chat and H2H match ups.

BHQ update

Download and install an updated version of BHQ
A place to meet chat and arrange games

To configure BHQ
Go to configure Use filter to select your Close Combat game(s) Use text colour and change to any colour other than Black

Local FX

Voice Cues Files

Coming Soon

Terrain Files

New Ports to Play Last Stand Arnhem H2H

Using DirectX 8 or a later version
New ports for CC
UDP 6073
UDP 2302 - 2400
Microsoft knowledgebase

Last Stand Arnhem Data workbook
Use this Data workbook to mod LSA and to easily make changes to your data