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The Return of Classic Close Combat… Based on the Atomic Games award winning Close Combat series of games. Close Combat: Cross of Iron, brings back the award-winning classic in new epic battles of the Eastern Front of World War II. ""Close Combat - Cross of Iron is more than just a cosmetic/compatibility upgrade - it offers hefty enhancements and a plethora of new features that are sure to please the die-hard Close Combat fans and, I hope, attract many new gamers to this gripping and realistic tactical simulation."" - CC: Cross of Iron at ""A tremendous updated version of Close Combat is filled to the brim with improved AI, a new scenario, community modifications, and engine tweaks."" - CC: CoI at Out of Eight PC Game

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Patches and Help Files

Patch Description Other Requirements
BHQ update BHQ has been updated Download and install an updated version of BHQ (PLSetup.exe) A place to meet chat and arrange games
To configure BHQ
Go to configure Use filter to select your Close Combat game(s) Use text colour and change to any colour other than Black
None required
Intel Codec If after installing the game your videos don't run, download and run this exe.
None required
Save Game Fix Now included in 3 Nov. 2009 beta patch If after installing a mod the game asks you to insert the CC3 Disk, download and run this exe.
None required
Spree Map
For MMCC3 single player
Download and install the Spree map to your \Maps folder, required for MMCC3 single player campaign.
None required
MMCC3 Start File If after Starting MMCC3 you get an error that the game can't find CC3Start , download this file and unzip to c:\Program Files\Close Combat\Close Combat III\Games\Save\CC3Start.
None required
MMCC3 Multiplayer update July 2009 IP address and Ports for each server now display correctly this was due to server updates and changes, MMCC3 has now been updated to version 1.04S,
Additionally clicking on Menu : File now has an active link to the CoI support site.
To update MMCC3 Download this file and unzip to C:\Program Files\Close Combat\plugins\MMCCIIIMultiPlayer.cc3
make sure you back up any saved user.dat files before updating
None required

Map Archive

Check out the maps archive for hundreds of downloads.


Installation Instructions

Download the mod file eg DerOstFront2pluginforCoI.exe (DOF2)

Run the exe which will install Der Ost Front to your plugins folder.

When that is complete Open ModSwap from Command Center.

From the File menu choose Install and select DerOstFront2.cc3

Click on Open and OK to install.

Close ModSwap.

Select Play from Command Center to play CoI with Der Ost Front Mod Installed.

You can Download the mappack to play further operations.

Mod Description Required Map Pack

DownLoad Bloody Omaha MMCC3

Paladin's Bloody Omaha MMCC3 Mod (BETA 4.2 build)


Welcome to the Bloody Omaha (by Paladin) Multiplayer Client for MMCCIII (Revised BETA42 updated 14 September 2010 incl. 1.04S executable)

If you would like to help playtest this beta build please download and enjoy.

Unzip to your \plugins folder then use modswap to install

This mod harnesses the resources of apiotrows MMCCIII, Zon's WF ver10 and Dom's CC5/WaR Bloody Omaha mod.... Great work guys. As a player you get to fight h2h or single player on the largest, at time of release, strat map available for Close Combat. Using the MMCCIII system over 90 maps and around 600 sectors are used to represent the Omaha area of the D-Day landings on the 6 June 1944.

You can , at time of release, access the server on

Bloody Omaha mmcc3 MapPack

Updated 3 September 2010 with 97 maps

Now Available

Small Soldiers Mod
This mod by yukongold changes all your infantry and crews to a smaller size


Special Instructions

Navigate to your
C:\Program Files\Close Combat\Close Combat III\GRAPHICS\ FOLDER and make a backup of your Soldier and SoldierB Files

Then unzip both of the smallsoldier "Soldier" and "soldierB"files to that same location.

Play with the small soldiers.

Please note this is only a graphical enhancement and won't affect gameplay in any way at all.


Operation Mars MMCC3

KWP's Operation Mars MMCC3 Mod


Welcome to the Operation Mars (by KWP) Multiplayer Client for MMCCIII (Revised 2 July 2010 and updated July 2009 with 1.04S executable)
You can , at time of release, access the server on

Operation Mars MapPack

Commonwealth Summer v8.4

Updated with map patch 20 Sept. 2010

Cathartes' Commonwealth Summer Mod version 8.4.(Updated with map patch 20 Sept. 2010)


The motivation behind Commonwealth Summer grew from my love of the CC3 WF Mod, and a wish for more action involving the Canadian, British, and Polish forces in Normandy in 1944. I have always been fascinated with the Normandy Campaign—the tactical successes and failures that occurred on both sides of the hedgerows. The Germans not only lost the opportunity to possibly drive part, if not all, of the Allied forces back into the English Channel soon after D Day, but Montgomery also made decisions and declarations during and after the stalemate around Caen which will forever generate debate.

It was the British and Canadians that bore the brunt of Germany’s elite Panzer Divisions during the Normandy Campaign. In the 60 days that followed the invasion, the region surrounding the Norman city of Caen was host to some of the most bitter and intensive small unit actions of the entire campaign.

By focusing on the Normandy Campaign, there is the potential to limit availability of units within a narrow timeframe, and consequently play historically accurate operations/campaigns and scenarios with Canadian, British, or Polish units exclusively. I encourage anyone to create new grand campaigns that focus on British and/or Polish units. The campaign included with this release, “Normandy Campaign” is designed for Canadian forces only. The campaign on the German side focuses principally on the 12. SS.


Commonwealth Summer (CS) has been designed to bring out the feel of fighting in the hedgerows. Some of the differences in tank capabilities between the Germans and Allies will be smoothed out in the close quarters of the hedges and the city streets of Caen, Falaise, etc. The fancy, powerful stuff you remember from WF will be either unavailable, extremely limited, or too expensive to buy in most cases (if you play the camp and ops). This is middle-class fighting in the hedgerows—mostly Shermans 75s vs. Mark IVs, Enfields, Stens and Brens vs. Mausers and MP40s. We have attempted to construct infantry sections (especially for Commonwealth forces) to match their historical counterparts in size and weapons. You will not see an abundance or variety of heavy weapons in Commonwealth infantry sections because this was historically the case. Where the Germans have an edge in infantry weapons or tanks, the Commonwealth forces more than make up for in artillery, air, and naval support

Commonwealth Summer MapPack

CS MapPack Patch
(20 Sept.2010)

Der Ost Front

ArmeeGruppeSud's rework of the Eastern Front DER OST FRONT version2

Der Ost Front was developed using Real Red as a starting point.
Many areas of DOF are moderations to the changes that Real Red made to cc3. For example, Tanks get "tracked" less often than in RR but more often than standard cc3.
Similarly the effectiveness of "HE" ammunition is in between that of Real Red and original cc3. There are new graphics added, some from PJ2, Englander, WF and others.
DOF has an balanced mix of historical accurracy and playability.

DOF mappack
Cross of Iron Infantry Mod by Blabsky Reduces the instance of Armor in Cross of Iron Stock Maps

Finn Mod

Finland v Russia in a no holds barred clash.

Luer's modification of CloseCombat III covering the Finno-Soviet conflict from 39 to 44.
All Germans removed from the game and replaced by Finnish units.
The Russian teams were completely reworked, with correct translations and new teams like NKVD Border Guards and Morskaya Pekhota units.
A new Grand Campaign was added as well.

Fin Mod mappack

Great War mod

Great War Mod by Diggin Robat, Tim, Sapper Damon, Pops and diegrinder.

Battle as the Allies or Central powers in the war to end all wars.

Great War mappack
Great War Operations Additional operations for the Great War mod
Greece Mod by andima An early war alternative Greek mappack
Grossdeutschland mod v1 by dreaded88 Follow the Grossdeutschland Division through WWII GD1 mappack
Grossdeutschland mod v2 by dreaded88 Follow the Grossdeutschland Division through WWII - Special instructions... Unzip Grossdeutschland.cc3 to your plugins folder then run ModSwap to install.
Grossdeutschland mod 2.0 for Cross of Iron By Dreaded88 INTRODUCTION This mod modifies "Cross of Iron" to allow you to fight the campaign on the Eastern Front as a single unit, the infamous Grossdeutschland. Lead your Battle Group starting as a Regiment in the Barbarossa invasion of 1941, to the bitter end (as a Panzer Korps) in East Prussia. Designed specically for play against the computer, several changes were made to make the AI a more challenging opponent. It should be noted, these changes do not involve modifying the effectiveness of weapons or thickness of armor - All values are set to the greatest accuracy possible for both sides. The Soviets, however, have overwhelming numerical superiority and can easily replace losses while you need to be much more careful about ensuring most (if not all) of your troops survive each battle
GD2 mappack
Kharkov v2.2 by ironcross Great Eastern Front campaign Kharkov2.2 mappack

Kharkov map patch

Poland '39

Poland '39 mod

Blitkreig in it's infancy

Poland '39 mappack
Real Infantry The original Real Infantry mod

Real Romanians

Real Romanians mod by Luer

Play as the Romanians v the Russian hordes

Real Romanians


Atmospheric modern mod Vietnam Three Tours mappack
Vietnam Vers 2 by blabsky

Western Front mod version 10

D-Day landings and beyond Western Front GC mappack
Ardenne to Hurtgen Late war American battles v Germany Ardenne to Hurtgen Map pack
Barbarossa Campaign by Diegrinder A new Eastern Front campaign Barbarossa map pack


Unzip these scenarios to your \Games\Battles Folder. They will be available to play through Custom scenarios

Scenario picture
click to download scenario
scenario Description Required Map
250 pts per side on Stock map.
Hold 2 VL's at game end for victory.
Stock Map
400 pts per side on Stock map.
Hold 3 VL's at game end for victory.
Stock Map
Hold 3 VL's at game end for victory. Stock Map
Hold 3 VL's at game end for victory. Stock Map
900 pts per side on Stock map.
Hold 4 VL's at game end for victory.
Stock Map
700 pts per side on Stock map.
Hold 2 VL's at game end for victory.
Stock Map
440 pts per side on Stock map.
Hold 3 VL's at game end for victory.
Stock Map
480 pts per side on Stock map.
Hold 3 VL's at game end for victory.
Stock Map
600 pts per side on Stock map.
Hold 3 VL's at game end for victory.
Stock Map