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Operation Mars was the operation codename for the Rzhev offensive operation part of the Rzhev-Vyazma strategic offensive operation launched by Soviet forces against German forces during World War II. It took place between 25 November-20 December, 1942 in a salient in the vicinity of Moscow.

Orchestrated and led by Marshal Zhukov, and launched in tandem with Operation Uranus, the successful counteroffensive at Stalingrad, Mars proved to be a monumental setback. Designed to dislodge the German Army from its position west of Moscow, Mars cost the Soviets an estimated 335,000 dead, missing and wounded men and over 1,600 tanks. Fought in bad weather and on impossible terrain the offensive faltered despite an initial success in some sectors. The manner in which Operation Mars was fought and the carnage the operation produced has few parallels in the later war years. For grisly results, its closest peer would turn out to be another of Zhukov's operations: the frontal assault on the Seelow Heights during April 1945.

Important Information

You can , at time of release, access the server on IP PORT 2109
Ports 1939 to 1945 and 2108 to 2110 must be open/forwarded in your router/modem for this app. to function correctly.
You also must make sure your Firewall is allowing CoI to access the internet
CoI Ports
2300 to 2400 udp/TCP
6073 TCP
47624 TCP

Use this to connect to the online Cross of Iron Operation Mars Campaign

read the Opening message for details about currently hosted Campaigns.

Please read the Guide in the Manuals Folder (see link on the Command Centre for Manuals) for more infomration about using MMCCIII.

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Downloads needed to play the Operation Mars mini Campaign

File Description Other Requirements
Operation Mars
modswap Plugin
Download this zip file and extract to your \plugins folder
None required
Operation Mars
All the maps required to play Operation Mars (revised to include the Wardin patch)
Wardin Patch

If you get the "rectangle provided was invalid" error on Wardin
MMCC3 Start File If after Starting MMCC3 you get an error that the game can't find CC3Start , download this file and unzip to c:\Program Files\Close Combat\Close Combat III\Games\Save\CC3Start.
None required

Inastallation Instructions

Important that these instructions are followed

1. Download the mod file and extract to your \plugins folder

2. Download the mappack and unzip all the files to your \maps folder.

3. Open ModSwap from Command Center.

4. Uninstall any plugins including any MMCC3 Plugins.

5. From the File menu choose Install and select Operation_Mars_Client.cc3

6. Click on Open and OK to install.

7. When installation is Complete Close ModSwap.

8. Select MMCC3 from Command Center to play on the MMCC3 server.

9. Type in the Ip address and the Port 2109.

10. Hit connect and MMCC3 will connect to the server

and display the Strategic map.